December 16, 2009

From Toby Katz:

Re: America’s food waste laying “ waste” to environment (Nov. 25): “For ex­am­ple, food waste is now es­ti­mat­ed to ac­count for more than one quar­ter of the to­tal freshwa­ter con­sump­tion and more than 300 mil­lion bar­rels of oil per year rep­re­sent­ing about 4 per­cent of the to­tal U. S. oil con­sump­tion. This, along with re­lat­ed emis­sions of meth­ane and car­bon di­ox­ide, “im­pacts glob­al cli­mate change,” Hall and col­leagues wrote. “Sur­pris­ingly lit­tle dis­cus­sion has been de­vot­ed to the is­sue of food waste,” they added.”


Are you going to address the recent revelation/scandal that the whole global climate-change scare is a scientific hoax?


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