March 17, 2010

From Danica Anderson:

Re: Females may harbor biological “inner male” (Dec. 22): This absorbing research is invigorating.

I would approach this with a different lens and not posit the current slant as women suppressing this inner male with an engendered approach and more accurate clinical exploration.

The “sex reversal” is certainly, a male labeling of what can, also, indicate female parthenogenesis. Reprogramming of certain ovarian cell lineages can certainly point to the parthenogenesis process. Archeologically, the preponderance of female Goddess figures hundreds of thousands years old, with less than 1-3% male figures point to the female ability to be self-birthing, perhaps at an earlier period in the species development.

Currently, there has been studies on parthenogenetic births (virgin births).

Additionally, we cannot escape the biological fact that every fetus is female for the first three months in the womb.

The hormonal bath that males incur in the womb is quite severe and from the sexist and violence against her gender appears to be a life long struggle to repress the female in males.

Danica Anderson, MA, CCCJS #16713
Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist-Forensic Psychotherapist


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