March 17, 2010

From Jean Claude Gauthier:

Re: Scientists: docs don’t feel your pain much-and maybe that’s best (Jan. 20): This abstract is fascinating but I do feel the included pinions are a little precipitated. Many other tentative interpretations are equally possible.

How can the author speculate on the causes and benefits of the emotional insensitivity of physicians? I don’t think the data warrant such a conclusion. Mind you, it makes sense and seems reasonable but then what could be said about psychologists and other mental health professionals who must empathize with peoples pain, emotional and moral …

Would the desensitized for self protection and/or better efficacy hypothesis hold for psychiatrists and other medically trained clinicians, accounting for their often described perceived coldness and insensitivity but not apply to human and social science professionals ?

Could this open the door to ways of measuring Mental health burn out, compassionate insensitivity or the like???

Many questions come to mind, I hope to read more.

Jean Claude Gauthier MPs
Psychologist, Laval Qc


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