March 17, 2010

From Moss Posner, M.D.:

Re: “Lifeless” molecules found to evolve, adapt (Jan. 4): Your recent article regarding apparent mutations in prions is stupendous for no other reason than the glaring fact that it not only indicates random variation in progeny of prions, but also that indirectly it validates the Darwinian Theory of Evolution in the process.

In so doing it is a devastating rejection of the religious arguments that attempt to invalidate Evolutionary theory, most all of which arguments are motivated at base by the assumption that Evolution and teleology are mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive of all possible explanation of Origin of Species. * Other objections based upon religious considerations to the effect that, geologically, there would have been insufficient time for species to evolve a-la Darwin would then either be moot or would introduce a whole new theory which might very well eliminate the necessity of invoking DNA genetics entirely, in virtue of the Law of Parsimony.

In either case, the implications are staggering.

Moss Posner, M.D.


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