March 17, 2010

From Robert F. Beck:

Re: Collisions and “vampirism” may make stars look newly young (Dec. 26): Maybe your article provides a clue to an alternative explanation.

As this provided evidence in favour of my theory that stars can form from material ejected by black holes, and given that these young looking stars appear to form near the centre of the cluster, should we consider the possibility that a black hole is hidden at the centre of the cluster?

According to my theory of gravitation, so called “black holes” should be self-limiting, and thus as has been observed, periodically they should stop feeding, which I think is because graviton emission is inhibited, until adequate material has been lost. This would explain galaxy formation and rotation being linked to central supermassive “black holes”. So why not clusters if the central dense object had insufficient spin to throw off material to escape the central object and spiral out?

Robert F. Beck


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