March 17, 2010

From Sharon Ellis:

Re: Violent conflicts fit into patterns, researchers find (Dec. 16): All matter is energy vibration. Our thoughts are creation energy. What we think, we create. Everything we think has an affect on ourselves, those around us and the planet via a collective consciousness, if one is thinking on a global scale. This subject needs to be looked at seriously and studied. One can change the mood in a room just by his/her thoughts and collectively, if a country’s thoughts are focused on a particular subject, let’s say peace or war or fear or love then the majority rules. I can do this and have done it many times. I also teach others to use their thoughts to create. (only for good, however there are two sides to a coin as we all live in a dual reality, that is one of opposites. )

Maybe there is some truth in the following saying. “In the beginning there was the word, (thought) and the word was with God, and the word was God” ( God can refer to ‘Creative Intelligence’, ‘The Mind of God’, ‘Source’ or what ever one chooses to represent a higher power.)


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