May 27, 2010

From bij orian an gel@sbc global. net:

Re: Family tree research can open “Pandora’s Box” (April 9): I don’t know about others but when I am stressed or have some issues in my life I can get out my genealogy and lose myself in the data and know that the dead can’t hurt me like the living can.

I guess I am different from others. I don’t care what my ancestors did I am a part of them and they are a part of me. Things happened in the past that was “normal” why be ashamed of something you had no part in?

When I started my tree I was looking for information on my family. This was in 1976 I am now 60 and with the internet I have been able to amass a great deal on my family. I never thought about being kin to royalty but sure enough I am --- but to balance that out were scoundrels in my line also. Am I ashamed of that no--- I laugh about it.

One thing I really like about genealogy is the mysteries that need to be solved. Take for instance one set of gr-gr-grandparents were on a trip went by their daughters house then camped somewhere along the Trinity river basin where they died of typhoid fever (1865). OK--- I tried to find the place where they were born and found that the trinity river basin covers 710 miles from N Tx to the gulf. OK--- hmmm harder job then I thought.

I started looking where the daughter lived and found that Eagle Mountain lake in Tx was formed from the Trinity. I can not prove it for I can’t find records back that far when they made the lake-- but I think my ancestors are buried under the lake or was removed to someother place.

That kind of mystery will take your mind off of other things.

To my genealogy is my salvation sometimes.


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