May 29, 2010

From Danny (dan nyj cris AT engi ne m):

Re: Can a mother’s voice spur coma recovery? (May 11): I read the subject article and thought that not only mother’s voice can be effective. Other sources may prove to be even better. Older people do not have anymore that close bond with parents. They are more attached to what they currently love to do.

I am a music lover and sometimes my favorite song melody lingers in my mind (brain). A rock guitarist in trauma may be able to distinguish the guitar sound his mind is accustomed to and may react quickly. Similarly, car racer may react to the sound of strong engine revolution or when placed in a machine that simulate G-forces.

How about the smell theraphy? The favorite perfume, coffee aroma (if he is a coffee lover), favorite alcohol drink (and should try to let him sip a little)

Just my thoughts. Thanks.


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