May 27, 2010

From Jackenson Durand:

Re: It seems we’re all more human than average (March 14): Earth born with different continents and sizes. All Earth nature products or biodiverties are inequal distance trigonometrically. Animals and minerals are inequal in lenght and weight. Some part of Earth hemisphere receiving snowfalls others Sunshine. Nature allows our eyes to enjoy multitude colors Earth nature. Green is the best one by reacting on human daily living. Painters using different colors together to produce one special attractive. Analyser would be thinking about Earth has always been human home by eating Earth natural food productions as animals do. We understand that we are born with reason over animals. Unfortunately, all continents are not be able to receive snowfalls in other that we can better resolve problematic. I will be waiting that space, time and gravity will converge continents together. I admit that butterflies are the most attractive, spiritual, inspirer and beautiful creature on Earth. This beauty would come from different wind layers color composites. Would differents generations be able to produce one more human? I agree that we will never stop eating and drinking same nature fruits as animals.


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