May 29, 2010

From Johnny Peacock:

Re: Mysterious ball lightning may be brain illusion (May 19): Apparently the American Meteor Society hasn’t seen the variety of ball lightning that I have, and as I am woefully behind scientific evidence via observation, I’d like to pull my hair out now for not having a video camera last year when I witnessed it for approximately 30 minutes. Large luminous balls, basically the same color as forked lightning, were exploding about every 5th lightning strike.

Once I got a good look, when it was directly above my home, I noticed something even more unusual. When the balls exploded, numerous miniature forks of lightning exited the explosion. And it wasn’t red or orange, it looked identical, to the white blue color of large forks of lightning. Kendl and Peer may be great physicists, but to be so bold about their assertions, with only a caution that they may be incorrect, is ridiculous to say the least. I can readily appreciate the human mind’s susceptibility to optical illusions, but the phenomena I witnessed at least ten times was no illusion!

Send Them Back To The Drawing Board!


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