June 17, 2010

From Larry Coffey:

Re: Study seeks to show how acupuncture really works (May 30): About 17 years ago I had three gall bladder attacks within the space of six months. Each of them was so painful that not only could I not sleep, I couldn’t even sit. I walked the floor twisted in pain. I learned what the conventional treatment was, and didn’t want to have my gaul bladder removed so I didn’t go back to the MD after that first attack. Instead, I finally decided to try acupuncture. I had two sessions, didn’t go back yet I’ve never had another attack.

If the success of acupuncture is as a result of activating pain-suppressing receptors, as this study suggests, then what explination could account for my being sympton free for all of these years. After all, pain supression woud only be addressing a sympton and not a cause, and I never had another treatment for gall bladder or the pain.

Scientific medicine is a very jelous God, and does everything it can to maintain its monopoly. For years they dismissed acupuncture as plecebo

They discount the ancient Chinese explination of how it works as usless because it isn’t their model. They have even concluded in this study that their drugs would make acupuncture work better. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they lean on legislators to require by law, that various drugs be required in future acupuncture sessions.


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