June 17, 2010

From Warren Harding:

Re: Hey Jude: Get that song out my head! (May 28): I’m 57 and have been a musician all my life. While I’ve never heard the term “earworm” there’s rarely a time in my life when some song isn’t going round and round in my head (often to my dismay). All to often it’s stupid stuff like nursery rhymes or songs I hate. Don’t get me started on Achey Breakey Heart. 8^O

What I wanted to say is that whatever’s going around in my head when I go to bed is usually there when I wake up. That’s got to be a significant clue as I imagine it rules out some sort of support from conciousness.

Just thought I’d say. If anyone wants to discuss it with me I’m happy to help.

New Zealand
Warren Harding


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