August 16, 2010

From Daniel Dearborn:

Re: Drug may thwart mental decline, grow brain cells (July 8): Hmmm

So what exactly is this compound? A compound that was discovered using my tax dollars. I want to know every detail. I don't give a rats ass about 2 patented drugs that are "similar" but don't work. Clearly a cure for dementia has been found. And just as clearly we the people are not going to be allowed to benefit from it. How many hundreds of break thru drugs etc. have been discovered only to be hidden because it is more profitable for some corporation? And like the government we are always told it is for our own good.

Pretty soon Joe six pack is going to find out just how long and how hard he has been screwed. At that point I think the basic fabric of our society will rapidly break down. The first casualties will be government officials (the people who let it happen and profited by it) And of course the officers of major corporations. But it won't take long for the scientific community to bear the full brunt of the people's wrath. Because they are just as guilty and evil as the people in charge.

Daniel Dearborn


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