August 16, 2010

From Gordon Tibbles:

Re: "Standard model" safe as physicists can't find misb (June 29): J. W. Dunne - The Serial Universe - suggests the result of any test is inherent in the nature of the trap constructed to test an hypothesis. Thus all tests are flawed, regardless of intent, or lack thereof. I refer to tests designed to demonstrate that light is not a maxim. Wherein, when a particle is split by a barrier, the two resulting parts travel divergent paths. Yet, if one is blocked and diverted yet again, its other part varies course to the same degree... demonstrating instantaneous communication. Suggesting a state exists devoid of limiting factors. I'm led to Dr. Julien Barbour's "The End of Time", in which there is no real difference between anything. In a sense, all things occupy the same space, ad infinitum.

- Gordon Tibbles
Sudbury, Ontario Canada


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