October 11, 2010

From David Hop:

Re: Claims of a watery moon in question (Aug. 6): "Recent studies reporting that the Moon has unexpectedly high amounts of water seem to be wrong, a group of sci­entists says."


While Sharp questions the presence of water in lunar magma, none of the water detected by M3, MIP, and Mini-SAR is thought to originate from lunar magma.

The water detected by M3 in the lower latitudes as well as water moleucules MIP detected above the moon is thought to come from solar protons interacting with oxygen rich minerals. (A solar proton is another word for a hydrogen ion from the sun. The moon receives a stream of them).

The frozen ice from the poles that mini-SAR detected is thought to come from the occasional comet impact, as well as the steady stream of water detected by M3.

Is the person who wrote that article a high school graduate?


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