December 27, 2010

From Elaine Keller:

Re: Burning debate lights up over safety of electronic cigarettes (Dec. 17): It's unfortunate that so many column inches of the "Burning Debate" story were devoted to Prue Talbot's Consumer Reports-style evaluation of e-cigarettes. Nothing in Dr. Talbot's article justifies removing the products from the market. Dr. Talbot's article is filled with accusations that are not supported by her findings. She states, "Nothing is known about the chemicals in the aerosolized vapors from e-cigarettes." Since users inhale the aerosolized vapors, it would seem that this would be the most important information to have regarding product safety. So did Dr. Talbot test the vapor? No.

As Dr. Seigel's article points out, numerous tests have been performed on the vapor and have found no dangerous chemicals.

In fact, the FDA itself tested the liquid and the vapor. And while the FDA did produce an alarmist press release regarding the chemicals found in the liquids, the FDA failed to point out that the quantities were too miniscule to present any danger to human health. Furthermore, the agency said nothing at all in the press release about what their lab tests found in the vapor, which was nothing at all.

At least three scientific studies involving human subjects have been published. All show that e-cigarettes do not harm users and are effective at subduing withdrawal symptoms. If a lay person like me has found these studies, why are they so difficult for Dr. Talbot to find?

If the design flaws identified by Dr. Talbot represent "serious public health problems," how is it possible that during the seven years the products have been in use world-wide that there have been no reports of any serious illness or injuries caused by e cigarettes? How is it possible that more than 90% of users report in surveys that their health has improved since switching from smoking to inhaling vapor? If the products might be ineffective, how does Dr. Talbot explain the fact that approximately 80% of users have managed to use e cigarettes as a complete replacement for all their smoked cigarettes?

Elaine Keller, Vice President
Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA)


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