December 27, 2010

From Jim McClarin:

Re: A lost civilization under the Persian Gulf? (Dec. 15): When Rose "hints that vital pieces of the human evolutionary puzzle may be hidden in the depths of the Persian Gulf," he may be on the right track. After all, Sumerian texts claim that their cities were rebuilt following their destruction by the inundation, associated by some with the end of the ice age and the calving of a million cubic miles of antarctic ice into the ocean that raised the sea level. If signs of a much older pre-flood Sumeria are found on the bottom of the gulf, one more of the "myths" from their cuneiform tablets will be proven factual. Those myths include detailed accounts of how their gods, the mysterious Anunnaki, created the "Adamu" in their own image and likeness by combining their own "essence" with that of "early man" some 250, 000 or more years ago.


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