December 27, 2010

From Kate Sisco:

Re: Our gold was a crash delivery from space, study finds (Dec. 10): Interesting post re gold from space but I have seen that before, and the idea of a plasma phase change is correct. The gold is from space all right, direct on Earth as a result of a solar energy blast.

The info in I Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval is so informative; and it was written in 1965.

If the solar particles are responsible for reversed magnetism, then might they not be responsible for a plasma phase change of enoumous magnitude? We may experience such a tremendous energy influx from the sun that even rearrangement on an atomic level is possible. Gold may be the result of such a impact of solar mass particles. It would be much more believable than to think that gold has been laying around on the top of the planet and now scooped up until now. I rather think is is emplaced by the power of the sun through rearranged molecular form. What is next to gold on the periodic chart anyway?

Kate Sisco


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