December 27, 2010

From Nuno Pinto Do Souto:

Re: Astronomers peer into primordial "fog" (Oct. 21): Something doesn't click with this article.

The universe is estimated to be around 13 billion years old. We are "seeing" these galaxy's light as "it were" when the universe was 600 million years old. It's supposed to be the farthest object so far detected, at the edge of the universe "expansion".

The universe has been measured as being at least 90 billion light years across.

So let's assume half that, for a "central" point of observation: 45 billion light years. We are now "seeing" something whose location is supposed to be 45 billion light years away, and that light is only 600 million years "old"? I. e. , it's taken at least 45 billion light years for that light to reach us as it was 600 million years away from the big bang?

And I'm supposed to believe that it's travelled to that location - 45 billion years away - in what? A fraction of a second? How can it be we're seeing it at 600 million years old?

It must be at least 45 billion years old: that's how long that light is supposed to have "travelled"!

Clearly, something is missing from this article and I believe it's called "credibility"…


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