January 18, 2011

From Jose Mireles:

Re: Mystery "solved": how honeybees fly (Nov. 29, 2005): Concerning the article stating that the honeybee altered the frequency of its wing beats to maintain flight which has had scientists puzzled for generations. I see how this can be disconcerting because the small wings of this insect do not seem to be able to sustain it aloft. However, in my own studies on this curious creature, I was under the impression that the honeybee was not capable of flight per se but manipulated the earth's electromagnetic currents. Indeed, In body weight and aerodynamic design. . it cannot possibly fly, yet it does so by literally manipulating the electromagnetic currents from the earth around it and performing a sort of levitation. Thus its wings do not sustain but merely alter the flight pattern or control it... like a rudder on an airplane. There have been a smattering of humans among us throughout history who have literally been able to accomplish just this feat via mind levitation which entails using the earths magnetic currents as well. A short study on the subject of levitation can help one arrive at that conclusion. I concede this conclusion may be erroneous or flawed regarding the honeybee, nonetheless I did want to share my opinion or belief as the act of flight as the majority of we humans have come to know it, is by far not the only method of doing so.


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