January 31, 2012

From Terry Chilcoat:

Re: Physicists extract light from seeming emptiness (Nov. 18): I was very pleased to read your article, especially "They ap­pear for an in­stant and disap­pear again, the en­er­gy fu­el­ing their ex­istence "bor­rowed" from the void.' This goes along with my theory that the entire universe (matter and dark matter) started out as 'void' nothingness smooth even nothing. Since there was 'nothing' then there was no time constant. So, a previous universe collapsed into 'nothingness when time stopped" and our universe sprang (phoenix like) from this 'nothingness' instantly as there was no 'time constant' because there was no matter to create a 'time constant'. If a void can be coaxed into creating a photon then it can be coaxed into creating matter. Hence our universe.

Terrall (Terry) W. Chilcoat
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