January 31, 2012

From Tom Sharp:

Re: Comet dies on film, leaving trail of mystery (Jan. 22, 2012): The sun grazing comet article states,

"But ultimately, the fact that one can see this comet against the background of the sun means there is some physical process not yet understood, Pesnell said."

Please note that the reason this comet is bright with the sun in the background is because Nasa's comet model is wrong.

The Electric Comet theory predicts the brightness and not a black dot that Nasa supects.

The electromagnetic field of the comet reacts with the magnetic field of the sun and produces an extremely bright photon glow. It's that simple. It's like turning on a light bulb. The comet acts like the filament in the bulb. The sun provides the hydrogen proton (+ charge) and the comet provides the electron (- charge).


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