April 29, 2012

From Jerry Shifman:

Re: Where's the dark matter? Not here, befuddled astronomers find (April 18): "The Milky Way cer­tainly ro­tates much faster than the vis­i­ble mat­ter alone can ac­count for," Bidin said. "So if dark mat­ter is not pre­s­ent where we ex­pected it, a new so­lu­tion for the mis­sing mass prob­lem must be found. Our re­sults con­tra­dict the cur­rently ac­cept­ed mod­els. The mys­tery of dark mat­ter has just be­come even more mys­te­ri­ous."

I feel compelled at the outset to beg your forgiveness. I expect that well-meaning amateurs are a burden and distraction for you. Nevertheless. . .

The whole saga of the matter that is not really there has been playing out for many years. Where is the missing mass? How have we gone astray? I watch this with no small amount of frustration. The existing paradigm simply doesn't work. Clearly we are in need of a radical rethinking of the nature of mass and the process that produces the effects of gravitation.

I have been working on a new approach to gravitation since the 1970s. I cannot say, "Here is the answer!" I'm not that crazy. However, I do believe that my work shows the type of thinking that should be pursued. Perhaps a thoughtful reading, by someone with patience and open mindedness, might trigger some insight that could be helpful in finding our way out of this mess. I hate to think that a real gem might be overlooked simply because it is buried in heresy. I would be grateful if you could pass this thankless assignment along to someone on your staff.

Jerry Shifman


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