April 29, 2012

From Ray Lewis:

Re: Where's the dark matter? Not here, befuddled astronomers find (April 18): No one ever mentions the % of the universes mass that resides in the kinetic energy of the universe's particles. [Mass and energy are interchangeable].

Every particle in the Universe spins and has kinetic energy, and therefore a mass equivalent or potential.

Not only that, but if you calculate the combined energy of the many levels of spin (1/2 MV Sq) of every particle, from atomic level up to planetary spin, solar orbit spin, system spin, galactic movement, universal expansion, and the total universal vector, then the total mass has to be of some interest and should reduce the total amount of dark matter we need to find or explain.

Just a thought, but in 25 years of mentioning such on occasion, no-one has ever said that its a dopey idea or not...


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