June 15, 2012

From E. Kiernan Quinn:

Re: American head shapes have been changing, but why? (May 14): Interesting issue. Does that mean people have more brain power. Swiss scientists attribute black and mulato race ignorance to brain weight. Oddly, all their data links back to weight of head. I was surprised to learn this issue. They actually show in MRI data why this is the case proving that the black and mulato race are inferior. No joke. They are noted for advanced medicine in all fields, so perhaps the issue is worth covering. Since the USnprovides so much free funding to the issue, it may be a need. Then there is the monkey. USAF labs perceive the macau monkey superior to humans and inbreed by artificial insemination them with humans and bring them into society as blacks and mulatos and sponsor them to power. There lab is under LAX in CA. Which harbours the largest brain frequency radar sysytem in the US. Beth Israel runs the radar scope. Its inauguration test was the Waits Riots: Broadcast Test. Only U Texas has a similar Brain Lab and data pool built to study stupidity developing in Oil Ranchers over time.

France documents skull swelling due to Bee invasions of cranium and development of hive in scull.

The Chicago club of Brain Scientists that hunt and kill monkeys for food and study corroborate Air Force findings of superior thought process in Macau Monkeys, but worse predator prey skills. This is the Cajal Club. That club was the first group to identify all nerve to action positions in the brain and place it into computer code for marketing and control of species. The USAF has same code in Fortran for humans. Code is taught to ROTC students. Holy Cross where I went to college used to train people in this. Williams College transfered the code to LISP and trains all grads in it and made a working clone pool for grads with it. MIT uses c and smarttalk via internet and its own equivalent sysytem called T4.

Point being, cranial increase results from vessel swelling or more ussage or malignant conditions. Personally, after many accidents and Olympic athletic and training I discovered cranial increase in size and noticed new vessels develloping to handle heated blood flow. Finally, RF traffic, electric fields, carbon monoxide and changes in atmosphere pressure and chemistry cause swelling. Gore called it Global warming. Its the effect of control on humans. More interesting to study would be puncture wounds to skull and placement and frequency. Cajal club established sequence code with nails through skull. In Spain, same research occured by Delgado 150 years earlier. In Italy both monkey and human studies in this method of control are documented for farm hands: slavery as you know it.

The US refuses to document data since the military utilizes it for data recovery and sales of behavior code to emerging nations. UT National Lab runs the nuclear plant code that runs the national behavior code spun into the atmosphere by the NuKes field. A movie in 1998 showed a NAVY code writer flying into the main reactor between Tenessee and Virginia: opaqued map position.

So, swelling is more then health issue.


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