June 15, 2012

From Richard Engel:

Re: Causes of mammoth extinction resonate in modern realities, scientists say (June 13): Your article makes me wonder about the global change fanatics. If the world temperature changed thousands of years ago all by itself, why now is global change so bad and is it necessary that we completely change our way of life? Man has evolved through changing environments for 100’s of thousands of years. Grandma was the one that taught me that you can’t fight mother nature No one speaks about the sun and its changes but out current weather pattern tracks closely with temperatures on the surface of Mars; coincidence we have the same Sun – perhaps this wonderful furnace that sheds light on us and heats us has hot spots and cold spots that cause it to burn at different rates over the millennia???

Great story – I enjoyed it and sounds like reasonable hypothesis.

Richard Engel
Grand Blanc, Mi


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