August 20, 2012

From Angel Chiriboga:

Re: Instead of “dark matter,” rogue planets? (May 13): I like the article. It actually attempts to report a possibility that may well be true. Since it explains a possible outcome for the data at hand, I would also like to point out that it isn’t just in our galaxy, but outside of all of them too. They just didn’t get sent out at perfect planes but Randomly. I am glad that dark matter is being attacked. They jumped to a conclusion so fast, they may cause problems when the facts come in. It isn’t just that the dark matter and dark energy creation that is causing us to look away from facts, but the millions invested so far in it’s search may prove hard to resist. It’s like trying to find a Higgins particle for a billion dollars, or try to count the planets outside of stellar orbits for 12, 000 a year... Which would we choose? If Hawking is right, and information IS being destroyed inside a black hole, then it would also account for the lost. 13 billion years of black holes sucking the mass out of the universe would account for much of the loss already. Rogue planets would account for the rest. As for the information, it entered the grandfather paradox. It returned to the first point (the only point) at the beginning and was created to be destroyed again. It would also throw a monkey into the proverbial wrench on the “Expanding Universe”. Light would have to fight gravitational drag, and thus, Shift to red.


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