August 20, 2012

From Gerardo Lazos:

Re: Spate of recent big quakes looks like a fluke, scientists say (Aug. 2): I just read your article on the great earthquakea fluke taking place in the last few years. However, I would like to point out that the Haiti quake was mistakenly added to the list, along other seismic events in the likes of Sumatra, Japan and Chile. Haiti’s was merely 7.0 and though it caused a lot of deaths because of the lack of a building code and the stranglinf pocerty of its people, it cannot enter such list. We had a 7.4 a few months ago in the state of Guerrero, which severely rattled the buildings of Mexico City. However very little damage was caused because we have better building codes and that pays off in the end. On the other hand, earthquakea such as the ones that took place in Indonesia in April this year deserve a place in your list, as they surpassed the 8. 5 mark. Really, Haiti has no place there.


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