January 21, 2013

From Lalitha Chelliah:

I have a theory that may not be controversial  but here we go

I believe that like animals who regulate reproduction according to food availability the population of the world is also regulated by the species;

Like how we are unable to exactly define how animals regulate their reproduction we are currently unable to define how the humanoids regulate reproduction and this is despite the scientific discoveries etc in the reproductive field;

I think the population growth over the last couple of centuries has turned on this phenomena of natural regulation ( like in animals)
So one way of regulation is the increase in homosexuality

There may be others but this is definitely a constructive way of natural population regulation (not control)

Love to know what the rest of the scientific community think (I am not a scientist but a person who deals with the population on a daily basis in the medical field)

- Lalitha Chelliah


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