April 04, 2013

From Jim Barribeau:

Re: “Black Death” could return, study warns (March 16, 2013): I am thinking that free trade agreements might be our biggest night-mare waiting to happen. Oranges seem to be a real problem due to imports from Africa, and this is just one of many things. Boa constrictors in Florida are soon becoming a problem and the carp from other countries that are killing our native species of fish, problems with a die-off of honey bees. We need to keep it to home even though we may go without some things in the off season. Wars in over seas countries is also opening some doors to unusual diseases and more.


Anonymous dallas said...

Agreed! We have to think about the long term impact of what we are doing vs. the short term benefits. Sticking to the things our respective environment produce is always safest.

April 23, 2013 7:33 AM  

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