July 10, 2013

From B. Simpson:

Re: Poor people get fewer painkillers from ER docs, study finds (June 26, 2013): I was almost shocked to read this article because it directly addressed my experience in the ER a few years ago. I drove myself to the ER at the Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. late one Friday night due to an tooth abscess which made the side of my face swollen beyond recognition. My molar had broken. After several hours in an ER room and in abject pain, I was seen by a few PA’s. I got a shot into my gum and my gum was lanced. I was given a Tylenol to take home. I asked for stronger painkiller because it was throbbing with pain, I didn’t have access to a Dentist, and it was the Labor Day weekend, nothing opened on that Monday. When I got home on Saturday morning and after picking up penicillin from the Pharmacy, the pain was so intense, I couldn’t see or think straight. My brother purchased a bottle of Rum to numb it which did not help at all. I called the hospital and asked to speak to the Administrator to file a complaint and to ask for pain relief. I was told that the ER does not give out pain medicine due to problems with drug addiction. I never received any relief for my pain during the 4 days.

I was in my late 50’s, never used drugs, but did have an Access card at the time.

It is the most despicable thing that an ER does. How shameful that this country harbors such little regard for people. In this ER arena filled with pain and suffering withholding the one thing that would alleviate misery and extending compassion is sick on the part of the physicians and staff. They should be sued.


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