September 21, 2013

From Alan Musry:

Re: Was blackmail essential for marriage to evolve? (Dec. 2, 2011): How pathetic is that article about blackmail being essential for marriage to evolve. When you publish such articles without comment it demeans your journal.

The researchers ‘said they set out to ex­plore the “co­nun­drum” of why males and fe­males sac­ri­fice their di­rect self-in­ter­est to get in­volved in mar­riage. ’ The article is a classic example of researchers projecting their own values and prejudices into the past. The article manifests either profound ignorance or a self serving myopia.

As if women in India are not exploited in marriage and as if women in most of India have any choice for survival but to marry.

I lived in India for more than a dozen years and would think any researcher into such a field would be aware that there are many tribal communities in India that never knew monogamy. Indeed, even today throughout the world we find innumerable tribal communities that have no concept of the nuclear family or monogamy. Evelyn Reed’s outstanding analysis of numerous anthropological studies reveals our matriarchal ancestry, remnants of which are brazenly visible in Hinduism’s female gods (goddesses) despite India being one of the most sexist countries in the world. (Witness current news reports of the status of women - rape, infanticide, wife burning, abandonment of older women, etc. , etc. ).

Please do publish or pass on my comments to the authors.


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